I'm a cliche - Baudouin

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I'm a cliche - Baudouin

I'm a cliche
Baudouin (with introduction by Marc Villard)
Editions de Nesle, 1979
1st edition, softcover

"Love dolls darted by genetic curare, tears of true crystal in a naugahyde bunker, suburban rockers fixing on feed-back, embolic fauns staggering on the terrace in Camden, angel's hair stamped on by the nazi calypso, boogie-lashed zombies kneeling monstrously(...)"
- Marc Villard

A rare and relatively unknown photo document of the punk scenes in France, London and Birmingham featuring many band images of Poly Styrene, Dave Vanian, The Damned... as well as parisian nightbirds like Alain Pacadis, Edwige, etc. Beautiful.