Mémoires 1978-1987 - Seiichi Furuya

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Mémoires 1978-1987  - Seiichi Furuya

Mémoires (1978-1987)
Seiichi Furuya
Editions Camera Austria, 1989
1st edition
Softcover, Good condition
Minor signs of aging on the cover and corners

The very first edition of this rare publication. Released in 1989, 'Mémoires' is the first book that Japanese photographer Seiichi Furuya published following the tragic death of his wife Christine Gössler, who committed suicide in 1985. Furuya then went on for years publishing again and again books bearing a similar title, endlessly working through the archive of thousands of images he took of Christine during their relationship. Street scenes in Graz, Dresden, Amsterdam, East-Berlin and some parts of Japan also find their way here among graceful portraits of Christine and family scenes with their son. Imbued with death and nostalgia, 'Mémoires' is without a doubt a masterpiece of the photography book history.