Mémoires 1995 - Seiichi Furuya

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Mémoires 1995 - Seiichi Furuya

Mémoires 1995
Seiichi Furuya
Scalo, 1995
1st edition, hardcover
159 pages, 17 x 22 cm

Seiichi Furuya left Japan in 1973 and came to live in Austria where he met Christine Gössler, whom he married in 1978. From the early days, he took pictures of their daily life and thousands of portraits of his wife and son. In 1983, Christine was diagnosed with schizophrenia and spent time in a psychiatric hospital until October 7th 1985, when she committed suicide. A few years later, still mourning, he started to publish in 1989 a series of books called “Mémoires”, all centered around Christine and her absence.The photographs in 'Mémoires 1995', as sweet as they might seem at first glance, are imbued with tragedy and a foreboding of death. A gorgeous series of books encompassing a unique body of work. In good condition.