Plant volatiles - Jochen Lempert

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Plant volatiles - Jochen Lempert

Plant Volatiles
Jochen Lempert
BQ Gallery, 2016
1st edition, softcover
20.5 × 27.5 cm, 64 pages

“While factual science will never be able to embrace the enchantments of nature, Lempert’s photographs meet up with them when showing swarms of animals, where individuals dissolve and become part of a new form, or when picturing insects as foreign bodies within a context they do not belong to and the coherence of which they irritate. As frozen ephemeral appearances breaking up not only the formal coherence of the image but also its meaning and representational function, they are symbols of time and of the ever impenetrable secret of all living.” Sold-out catalogue published by Lempert's gallery BQ in 2016 that displays his brilliant, delicate and slightly bizarre work in the best way. Some slight creases on the corners but otherwise in great condition.