Prince Street Girls / Susan Meiselas (Signed)

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Prince Street Girls / Susan Meiselas (Signed)

Prince Street Girls
Susan Meiselas
Yellow Magic, 2013
1st edition, softcover
22x16cm, 26 pages

Rare copy of the zine published in 200 copies in 2013 with Meiselas early series "Prince Street Girls"! This copy is signed and in very good condition.

"In 1975 I was riding a bicycle through my neighborhood in Little Italy when suddenly a blast of light flashed into my eyes, blinding me for a moment. Its source was a group of girls fooling around with a mirror trying to reflect the sun on my face. That was the day I met the Prince Street Girls, the name I gave the group that hung out on the nearby corner almost every day. The girls were from small Italian-American families and they were almost all related. I was the stranger who didn’t belong. Little Italy was mostly for Italians then. The project Prince Street Girls began as a series of incidental encounters. They’d see me coming and call out, “Take a picture! Take a picture!”.