Rodeo Girl - Lisa Eisner

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Rodeo Girl - Lisa Eisner

Rodeo Girl
Lisa Eisner
Greybull Press, 1999
Hardcover, 23 x 30 cm
1st edition, very good condition (cover sticker inside)

While growing up in Wyoming, photographer Lisa Eisner became fascinated with fashion. The sparkle of rodeo queens, visions in rhinestones and sequins perched on big powerful horses, dazzled and inspired her into a career as a fashion editor. In 1994, Lisa went home and began to capture the women in rodeo in these intimate, vibrant and often humorous photographs. This collection of rich American imagery evokes all the brilliance and majesty of the West, shifting attention from the usual cast of characters, the cowboys, to the unsung heroes, the rodeo girls. A colorful and vibrant book that follows the path of classic American photography while putting on a humorous twist on it all!