Tulsa - Larry Clark

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Tulsa - Larry Clark

Larry Clark
Grove Press, 2000
Softcover, reprint (1st edition : 1971)
68 pages,
Great condition

"i was born in tulsa oklahoma in 1943. when i was sixteen i started shooting amphetamine. i shot with my friends everyday for three years and then left town but i've gone back through the years. once the needle goes in it never comes out." - L.C.

First published in 1971 by Lustrum Press, this seminal work in photography history depicts drug-addicted youth in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shot by Clark in the 1960's as he was himself using drugs, the series caused a stir when it was first published and gained Clark both praise and backlash. Often problematic in its depiction of drug addiction and self-destruction, the series is nonetheless a milestone in the personal diaristic genre. This is the Grove Press reprint from 2000 in a near perfect condition!